Space: The New Frontier

space ship


Have you ever wanted to travel into outer space? I know, I know. It seems crazy? Even fifty years ago, people thought that putting a man on the moon was so insane that they believed the filming of the moon landing was a hoax (maybe it was! Who knows?!). Anyway, what was once something quite like an ethereal pipe dream is now quickly becoming something that could be a reality in our near future. Read on to find out!

Technological advances


One of the things that will make space travel possible soon is that technology is advancing at a breakneck speed. For example, we have been able to put a rover on Mars and have even been able to take some chemical samples (by the way, we found water on Mars!). This shows how close we are to getting people to travel in space. There are now even services that will allow people to pay to go into outer space. It will not be too long before people are able to jump into a spaceship for a much lower cost to be able to “tour” space.

Increasing health and lifespan

The other thing that makes space travel possible is that our technology and health is allowing us to become stronger and survive in previously unlivable circumstances. Our oxygen tanks and our pressurized cabin have allowed us to fly the friendly skies, and soon, these same technologies will help human kind rise to new heights (sorry, the pun was not intended!).