A Fuel for Every Engine


Since we have had motors around, we have been searching for fuel solutions. We are definitely grateful for the invention of motors because they help us accomplish tasks at a much faster pace than we ever could before. For example, tree removal services can greatly benefit from the use of motors. I searched tree services to see what kind of fuel they use for their motors. I clicked on http://www.huntsvilletree.com/tree-service-huntsville/ and found that they sometimes use a mix of gasoline and engine oil in their motors. They use these tools when showing customers how to diy remove dying tree. In addition, they educate how to avoid dangerous tree cutting with motorized tools. This can be extremely helpful, which is a testament to the power of motors in our society.

However, our sense of major accomplishment can also feel a little bit stifled because of the limitations for engines.



Like everything else in life, there are definitely limitations to engines. For example, because of the law of entropy, engines will fall apart. This makes things difficult because they need maintenance and upkeep. While this seems like a big deal at times, it really isn’t. Just a little bit of care will go a long way. However, we still need to service engines, and that is definitely a limitation.

Another limitation is fuel. It would be great if engines just started up on their own without any fuel. That way, we could do things independently of fuel (by the way, there are researchers working on that. Hybrid engines are on the rise–keep an eye out). Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, so we need to make sure that we have fuel to fill up our engines.

Another fuel limitation is that each engine can be specific in what type of fuel it takes. For example, some engines take diesel fuel. This can present a difficult situation if you don’t have diesel fuel around. Also, you can mix up which is diesel and regular unleaded. Putting the wrong fuel in the wrong engine can lead to disastrous consequences. This is why trying to engineer some sort of universal fuel would be extremely advantageous.

There are scientists who are working on such a thing. However, the fuel may not be what you think it is. Many researchers have been experimenting with hydrogen as well as electricity. The future is bright for fuel and engines, but for now, we will have to wait in a world of divided fuels.

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