Caring for Your Engine

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In the olden days, there weren’t cars or any kind of motor vehicles around. We only had animals to do work for us and take us where we wanted to go. If you wanted to plow a field, then you had to throw some yolks on some pairs of oxen and take them out to work. If you wanted to go into town to do errands, then you most likely hopped on top of your trusty steed and went about your business. One of the most notable characteristics of using animals is that they required extensive care. Most humane and wise owners would treat their animals with great attention to detail in order to keep them healthy and strong.

Paradise Lost

The New Age

With the advent of motorized vehicles, we seem to have lost that kind of sense of care. This may be because cars are inanimate objects that we can push to the limit in order to accomplish the things we need to accomplish. What we have failed to realize, however, is that cars need the same amount of care (and sometimes more) than oxen or horses. This is because they have many moving parts that are not self sustainable. Oftentimes, we are wont to neglect our cars. When this happens, however, we often find that our cars will not perform up to our expectations. This should come as no surprise. After all, the law of entropy states that things are always getting more disorganized. This will result in them falling apart if there is not proper maintenance done.

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