Grand Canyon

grand canyon


If you are thinking about doing some traveling, you have probably thought about visiting some kind of national monument or a national park. If you are trying to see nature, then this is definitely a great option for you. You have a lot of things to choose from. For example, Yosemite has an incredible amount of scenery, wildlife, and camping for leisure. If you are looking for something a little bit more rugged, you could try Yellowstone. This has an awesome amount of scenery as well. For example, you could see all of the amazing geysers. Old Faithful is a very famous geyser that you could go visit. However, perhaps the most famous site that you could see in the United States is the Grand Canyon. This site has been carved over millions of years through erosion by a river. Read on to find out more information about the Grand Canyon!

The Canyon


Obviously, the Grand Canyon is incredibly famous and has a lot of visitors every year. The thing that you need to be most aware of is the seasonal tourism. Different kinds of seasons result in different areas of the canyon open. For example, the north rim is actually closed during the winter until about May. However, the south rim remains open mostly year round. If you are interested in seeing all of the rims of the canyon, your best bet is to actually go during the summer. You may have to deal with a lot of crowds, but it will definitely be worth your trip!

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