Maximize Your Fuel Economy


gas pump

Let’s face it. Gas is expensive. It’s hard to go anywhere in a car if you don’t have gas (gross understatement). In the past decade, we have seen gas prices soar to new heights. This has made travel and everyday life for car owners quite difficult. However, there are some ways that you can fight back and save gas in the day to day grind. This article is focused on helping you see ways that you can maximize your fuel economy with your car and end up spending less money at the pump.

Save gas

Pump up your tires

One of the things that you might not realize is that tires play a huge role in how good your gas mileage is. If you don’t have properly inflated tires, your fuel economy can suffer. Stop by your nearest gas station or tire store to get some air from the pump. It might cost anywhere between seventy five cents to a dollar, but you will definitely be saving money on the road by not using as much gas. Try it out!

Change your fuel filter

Another technique to boost your gas mileage is to change the fuel filter in your car. Oftentimes, impurities in your fuel can build up, causing gunk to accumulate in your engine. The fuel filter is meant to stop this. However, going a long time without changing your filter can render it useless, resulting in poor fuel economy. If you get a new filter, you can actually increase your gas mileage by up to 25%!

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