In a previous post, we talked about the different types of engines that you can find in different vehicles. What we neglected to discuss is that there are different kinds of fuels for that different engines use to work. This post will look into some of the fuels that are available on the market.

What makes your car go


Obviously, the first option of fuel that you can choose is octane gasoline. Most of you already know what this is because you probably use it. Octane gasoline can be found at almost every gas station across the country and is the most popular type of fuel used here. Gasoline comes in a variety of grades. The grade is determined by the purity of the gasoline as well as the certain kinds of additives that are put in the gasoline.


The second most popular fuel that is available to the public is diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is incompatible with most octane gasoline engines, so make sure that you are careful when you are filling up at the pump! Putting diesel gasoline into an octane gasoline engine could cause serious damage to your engine.

Engines that use diesel gasoline are usually labeled TDI (which stands for Turbo Diesel Injection). This kind of gasoline is quite popular in other countries, especially Europe. It is actually better for the environment. The other great advantage of diesel gasoline engines is that they have a much higher fuel efficiency than its octane gasoline counterparts.

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