Engine Design for Traveling





If you have ever driven long distances, you know how much of a difference your engine can make in your journey. It determines your power, your acceleration, and the efficiency of your vehicle. Consequently, you should be aware of how your engine is affecting your journey.

If you are buying a new car or a used car, then you will definitely need to do your research on the car you are getting to see what kind of engine it has. This article is intended to inform you on different kinds of engines and their purposes. This can play a big role in your day to day life when you are in your vehicle.



This is a very popular kind of engine on the market. The V4 indicates that your engine has four cylinders in it. Typically, V4 engines are much lower power than V6 or V8. As a result, owning a car that has a V4 engine might not be useful for heavy duty work such as towing or racing. However, cars with V4 engines are incredibly good at saving gas. If you live in the city or are interested in cars with great fuel economy, this is a great choice.


The V6 is a great midway point between the V4 and the V8. While typically not as miserly with fuel, V6 usually has a great deal of power and acceleration, which can definitely be a deciding factor for consumer. You can often find V6 engines in small SUVs or mid-size sedans.

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